Pump Specialist Inc. offers a wide variety of repair and maintenance services to Odessa, Midland, San Angelo, and the surrounding areas. People in the oilfield industry understand how important it is to have reliable commercial vehicles and semi-trucks. We also understand that business owners on a budget rely on affordable repair and maintenance for their commercial vehicles. Regular maintenance of your vehicles can even prevent costly repairs in the future.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Problems

It’s not always possible to predict a roadside failure; however, knowing what is most likely to fail will help you establish a maintenance plan that accounts for your areas of highest risk.

  • Tires - As your point of contact with the road, your tires are some of the most important components of your vehicle. They are also the most at risk; tire issues account for over 50% of truck problems. Most tires fail because they were overinflated or not inflated enough; misaligned axles can also accelerate wear on your tires. Be diligent about checking your tire pressure and getting your alignment regularly inspected to offset potential issues.
  • Brakes - Brake problems account for nearly a third of problems with commercial trucks. This happens because a semi’s disc and drum brakes are exposed to consistent pressure, heat, and friction. Proper maintenance for your brakes can offset the problems created by air leaks, corrosion, wear, and internal water contamination.
  • Refrigerated Trailers - These trailers, also called reefer units, are critical when shipping temperature-controlled freight. When a reefer unit breaks down, quick repairs are vital in order to protect the freight from damage. Getting in the habit of constantly monitoring your trailer during transit and paying attention to any in-cab signals that might indicate a problem with the unit is a great way to head these problems off early.
  • Electrical System - Your vehicle’s electrical system is primarily made up of your starter motor, alternator, and battery. These are all crucial components that your vehicle needs to run properly, so it’s important to schedule regular inspections and remain aware of how your electrical system is working. If you notice dim or flickering lights, a clicking sound when you start the engine, dead batteries, or a strong unusual odor, it’s time to schedule a repair.

Common Semi-Truck Issues We Repair

  • Radiator Malfunctions - There can be many reasons why the radiator isn’t working and while some issues can be repaired on the road, others can cause irreparable damage if left untreated.
  • Oil Leaks and Burning - When an engine isn’t getting the oil it needs, it can lead to friction and overheating which can cause damage to the engine components.
  • Clutch Cable Breakage - Most semi-trucks have 18 gears and the clutch is an essential part. The cables can wear down over time and break which can cause issues with shifting.
  • Tires - More than 50% of roadside breakdowns are due to inflation, tread, and axles. Have your tires properly maintained and regularly inspected.

We take pride in the standard of quality we maintain in the examination and tuning of our clients’ vehicles, including large and small fleets of trucks. Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to service all makes and models of vehicles. Whatever the problem is, you can rely on us to get your commercial vehicle mobile again. Give us a call today!


Maintenance work is always important for your oilfield trucks because, without them, you would not be able to get your work done. From general mechanical repairs to larger rebuilding work, we do it all. Get your semi-truck back to work today!

Pump Specialist Inc. is here for all of your commercial truck repair and maintenance needs. Ready to hire our qualified team? Give us a call! We provide commercial truck repairs and semi-truck repairs for Snyder, Big Spring, Colorado City, and the surrounding area.