Working in an industry where the process is time-consuming and expensive, critical decision making is key. At Pump Specialist Inc, we offer services in Odessa, Midland, Colorado City, and surrounding areas that will allow any producer to make decisions for their business with the right crews and right equipment in a timely manner.

How do Oilfield Pumps work?

  • Oil pumps are a critical part of crude oil production. The artificial lift system of a pump is necessary to create the pressure required to bring the fluids to the surface from reservoirs thousands of meters below the surface.
  • Water and other liquids are lowered into the well, with the nozzle and mixing tube in the chamber to force the liquids through a constriction point, creating an environment where the pressure drops below the oil so it can be carried to the surface.
  • Above ground, a three-way pump system separates the original liquids from gas or crude product. The system liquids are then recirculated back to the jet pump down in the well while the gas or oil is captured in tanks for removal by pipeline.

With many oilfields in Odessa, Midland, Colorado City, and surrounding areas requiring numerous pumps in order to produce a profitable output, Pump Specialist Inc is proud to provide everything you might need to ensure your oilfield is successful. Aside from oilfield pump and parts sales, we also lease equipment and crews. With the additional help from our automation technicians, clerical workers to coordinate tasks, welders, and backhoe operators, our company provides the tools and services to ensure that you have all the right parts in place to make your oilfield production as reliable and efficient as possible.

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Your oilfield deserves the best crews and equipment. From roustabout crews to advanced machinery to get your job done, Pump Specialist Inc can help with a variety of essential services. Our crews can operate welding machines, backhoes, oilfield pumps, air compressors, and much more. Call today to inquire about leasing or purchasing equipment from oilfield pumps to RO-FLO compressors.